Thursday, June 07, 2007

N2 BKS: Summer Reading@HCL

John Jewitt, Teen Specialist from the Howard County Libary came and presented the exciting and NEW summer reading program to our kids today it's called: N2 BKS!
From the website: "Get in on the action!

Teens can win prizes! For each hour you spend reading, book review you write, N2BKS coupon you complete, or library program you attend, you will earn five book bucks. Collect rewards for 50, 100, and 200 book bucks earned throughout the summer. Earning 200 book bucks makes you eligible to compete in a finisher's auction!
Sign up at our Savage branch library's information desk, and receive your first five book bucks as a starter prize!"

Wanna copy of the HCL summer teen booktalk list? Visit my homepage to download the PDF and happy reading!

Listen to the Mr. Jewitt's podcast by clicking below:

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