Monday, June 21, 2010

Where's Mr. Dickey?

Where's Mr. Dickey? on PhotoPeach

Fun pics that show the fun personality of our fun admin, teachers & staff! (and yeah, that's 3 funs...cause we're a LOT of fun!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Have a Great Summer!

At the end of our 13th year here at Murray Hill Media Center we can now finally say to the kids we've been here since before they were born! LOL (EEP!) But really, so many amazing memories, so many wonderful families, awesome kids who come back and visit from high school, college, and beyond! Kids who have touched our lives and made a happy difference and it fills our hearts to think of the many more wonderful memories to come! [snif snif] OK...before I get maudlin here let us just say.....
Thank you Murray Hill Middle School community and Howard County!
Have a great summer everyone!!!
.... and READ! READ! READ!

~Ms. Jones & Mrs. Black

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bookfellas: Bring Back Your Books - Or Else!

Bookfellas: Bring Back Your Books - Or Else!

I hope you don't have any overdue books!
Or the Bookfellas may just visit and
give a gentle reminder ...

This video is an oldie but goodie...all students appearing in this video have since graduated from high school! Yeah...this is how we rock the iMovie OLD SCHOOL STYLE!~
We had the situation before the Jersey shore was even an idea in some MTV programmers dream!

And this is just a joke, really! ...we don't have our own dark suited, guitar case carrying tough guys playing cards in the Library Media Center just waiting to go hunt down kids who have overdue books.....and then getting misty eyed when one comes back on it's own.


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Justin Bieber Has Overdue Books!

Whoda thunk it! Justin Bieber has a very important public service announcement to tell you abooot! (he's from Canada..they say aboot!) With a special guest! Please don't be "THAT GUY" and bring back your library media books!

A video created for MHMS students but anyone is welcome to embed or use! (the KIDS Made me do it! - and funny...none of them (unusually!) wanted to do his voice!?) What!? LOL

Another cool video created by MHMS Students...a second MSA Pep Rally Video!

photo credit:
Maclean’s Interview: Justin Bieber - The R & B sensation talks about Usher and Justin Timberlake, his mom and his fans, and what his swagger coach teaches him...

And to quote about that Swagger....which had me ROFLMAO

"Q: It’s been reported that you have a “swagger” coach. Can you explain to me what is that?
A: It’s pretty simple, it’s basically a swagger coach, he kind of teaches me, he helps me just stay swaggerific. I don’t know.

Q: What is it to be swaggerific?
A: You don’t know? I mean, it swaggers. It’s confidence, it’s style, I don’t know how else to put it. It’s swagger. It’s a word."

Music Credit: 14 seconds from iTunes

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

HCL: Summer Reading Club

It's that time again! When the Howard County Public Library rolls out its fun and AWEsome summer reading program! And Mr. Jewitt and Miss Seipel visited our Media Center to talk about it LIVE! From the website:

"Beginning June 1, everyone in Howard County, babies to adults, can read for fun and earn prizes! Read or listen to books from pre-selected reading lists, or choose your own books, magazines, and newspapers. Just kick back, relax, and Make a Splash about summer reading! Sign up online or at any branch.
Make Waves Teen Summer Reading Club
Our goal is to keep you reading this summer. Your goal is to earn book bucks!

Earn "book bucks" for time you spend reading. Collect prizes for reaching goals of 50, 100, and 200 book bucks. When you earn at least 200 book bucks, you are eligible to participate in the Make Waves Readers Raffle.

Sponsored by Friends of Howard County Library.

You can read anything!
You may read books, magazines, graphic novels, newspapers, and websites. You may also listen to audio books. Check out a list of books for Middle School and High School students developed by Howard County Library's teen specialists in conjunction with the Howard County Public School System. You may earn book bucks for up to six hours of reading each day.

To get started, register at the information desk at any Howard County Library branch. We'll give you all of the materials you need to get started: a reading log, a review card, your first five book bucks, and a starter prize!

Submit Reader Reviews online or download Reader Reviews to submit paper copies at any branch.

Last day to earn book bucks and enter the raffle is August 14. Raffle winners contacted after August 18.

Instructions for the Make Waves Raffle are available translated into Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

This year the fun is even better than EVER! With a great collection of prizes JUST FOR SIGNING UP! And after that, the prizes you can win for just spending time reading is AWEsome! Sign up at our local Savage Branch Library or online!

To get the Summer Reading List visit the Savage Branch library or our MHMS Learning Wiki to download the .PDF!

Savage Branch
9525 Durness Ln
Laurel, MD 20723
Phone: (410) 880-5975
TTY: (410) 880-5979
Mon. - Thurs. 10 am - 9 pm
Fri. - Sat. 10 am - 6 pm
Sun.1 pm - 5 pm

Monday, June 07, 2010

Edward Says: Bring Back those Books!

Edward knows the importance of keeping an intact we all know throughout the years he has been an avid reader...thus he patiently urges Bela to be responsible and bring back those books.

Now...i've ranted before how annoying and MarySue i think Bela is...sorry hon....but here's the whining clumsy little thing who still can't quite get the hang of returning those Library Media Books!

the first movie was created by the talented husband & wife PSA duo...Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hobson Media Specialist, Oakland Mills MS

the second movie was created using Blabberize by Ms. Jones -

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