Friday, June 01, 2007

Karen Luddy Speaks to MHMS & Podcast

Author Karen Luddy visits our Media Center and speaks to a lucky group of 75 kids about her book Spelldown and about having your own writing...and in life.

She read exerpts from the book, related amusing anecdotes from her childhood growing up down south, and signed copies of her book that publisher Simon & Schuster and rep. Mr. Charles Young kindly donated to our kids and to the Media Center.

Our Murray Hill students listened raptly and contributed to a lively discussion of "voice" in literature and in their lives and about the writing process.
It was a lovely visit from a talented, funny, and kind author who spent an afternoon getting to know our kids!
Thanks to everyone who made this special Media Event possible!

Please listen below to her podcast greeting and message:

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Chris :D said...

Hey, I can believe i won that book... You have no idea how much i wanted to read that book.

BTW, I followed the comic life link and guess what They Have a windows Beta! I have to say Comic life is awesome!

mhmsmedia said...

YAY, Chris! i was so happy when i pulled your name as a winner, i knew you would dig that book! it was really cool that you appreciated meeting the author and getting your new book signed by Ms. Luddy!.....

and YAY you! it's awesome that you downloaded the BETA WIN version of comic life and like it, we're gonna have to use that in the TV studio next year... i'm thinking NEW opening show slides, comic style?? what do you think?????
~ms. jones

ChrisK said...

Heres my idea for the weather graphics we could do comments on them like this