Monday, May 10, 2010

Hispanic-Latino Luncheon

The talented and generous chefs and parents of our Hispanic-Latino community treated us to an amazing lunch on Friday for teacher appreciation week!!

Not to hurt any feelings, I must say it was
ONE of the BEST. Lunches. EVER.

Our wonderful parents pictured here with Mrs. Mehae Roldán, our
Hispanic Achievement Liaison

Ohhh Noooo! The last of the Mole de Pollo!~
Though I know i could never compete with our resident experts, here's a recipe for that delicious dish!

Nom nom! Muchas gracias por un almuerzo increíble! Todo estaba delicioso y nuestros padres son generosos y talentosos!

here's the link to our online Smugmug Digital photo gallery!

Thanks to all of our Amazing Parents!

Decoración (Decoration)
Amparo Lawson
Ilana Flores

Ensalada (Salad)
Maria Elena Fonseca - salad
Eva Cortes - pico de gallo
Mehae Roldan - pasta salad

Comida (Entrees)
Debby Hernandez - tamales de elote
Angela Hernandez - pupusas, tamales, quesadillas
Maritza Benitez - pollo (chicken)
Ilana Flores - mole con pollo (chicken mole)
Mehae Roldan - 1 main dish
Teresa Rosario - arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas)
Flora Navarrete - relleno de carne de res
Eva Cortes - tortillas
Mercedes Herrera - hard taco shells
Iris Diaz - arroz con habichuelas, fricase de pollo
Lucia Palacio - pupusas, curtido
Barbara Rivera - arroz con gandules, pernil (rice with pigeon peas)

Servir (Serve)
Lubia Mijangos
Flora Navarrete
Ilana Flores
Lucia Palacio
Iris Diaz

Bebidas (Drinks)
Lubia Mijangos
Mercedes Herrera - agua (bottled water)
Flora Navarrete - fresco de frutas (homemade fruit drink) ((MMMMMM!~!~! AWEsome!))

Limpieza (Clean up)
Ilana Flores
Flora Navarrete
Eva Cortes

Utensilios y Platos (Utensils etc)
Amparo Lawson
Elsa Granados - platos, servilletas
Eva Cortes - comal/servilleta
Flora Navarrete - comal

Postre (Dessert)
Carolina Villarroel - sweets
Eva Cortes - arroz con leche (rice pudding)
Flora Navarrete - camotes con miel (sweet potatoes with syrup)
Mayra Argueta - ensalada de frutas

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