Wednesday, April 21, 2010

¡Spanish Salsa Social!

On Tuesday afternoon, 35 students and faculty participated in the Spanish Social. Grace Badillo (BAL-di-YO), international dance educator and choreographer came and conducted her Musicality in Salsa class. Basically participants ate, danced and won really great prizes. We have a Salsa King, Queen, Princess, some cool cats and 1st place award were given in technique and performance.

Grace had one thing to say over and over again about the participants, ¡Awesome!

as reported by our very own....Señora Lisa-Ann Mertz

Students were given Instructional CD's in beginning intermediate and advanced to take away with them!

For more information visit the Dancing With Grace website!

Photo Credits: Kid photos by Mrs. Mertz & Grace Badillo pics and logo from the Dancing With Grace website

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