Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Review Challenge!

Write a Book Review - Read a Book Review!

This Book Review Challenge is going out to ALL Grades but 8th Graders get first crack at it!
Write a GREAT book review - Get a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card, FREE advance copy books and and other random stuff i think is cool!!

Write a LOT of GREAT reviews get an even bigger chance at Winning!
The more good reviews you write, the better you have at winning.... as they say for the Maryland Lottery... You gotta play...write to win!

How it works:

For every good (not a one liner lame "i'm just doing this to win" review! As if!) book review I'm gonna put your name into the drawing win! So the more good reviews you write the more chances to win! Winners will be drawn and announced on MHTV!

Books must be available from the MHMS Media Center -- not sure? Check our PAC to see!
Murray Hill Middle School Library Collection Search

Visit our MHMS Learning Wiki (or here!) to write & submit an online reivew

and read published reviews!

Be sure to spell check, follow the directions, use appropriate language and grammar and have fun! Of course i'm not going to publish your *real name* on these reviews - so come up with an appropriate screenname!

Give us your personal book review and win!

Participate for a chance to win FREE Advanced publisher books, iTunes gift cards, and other random stuff i think is cool!

Write a Book Review TODAY!~

Want to WATCH a Book Review? - My Teacher-Librarian friend Mr. Yeargin does book review VLOGS called Read This Book! now, Ms. Jones is WAY to shy [cough cough] to do this - but hey! if anyone of you guys wants to i have my flip camera ready and rarin to go! LOL
Ms. Jones

Pssst! Teacher-Librarians and other book lovers!
Creating this was a SNAP! I just created the form in Googledocs and used a preset theme!

Inspired by my media friends:
Kathy Glasscock
Tim Grafton
Mike Hobson
Adam Yeargin

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