Friday, April 24, 2009

A Busy (But Good!) Techie Week

Hey Murray Hillers!

well, last week was a VERY busy (but GOOD!) techie week. yours truly presented at the MICCA conference at the Baltimore Convention Center titled:
Gadget-A-Go-Go: Be Cool in School!
this was my 12th year presenting at the conference (yes, i am THAT old!) my first presentation was Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego (98) and after that was Talkin Trash! It's All About Recycling and
Netscape Composer: A Template for Success In and Out of the Classroom .
but i digress (as i am apt to do!)

... i learned a lot of cool things and found a lot of great resources that i'm going to bring back to Murray Hill and Howard County sharing with other teachers & Media Specialists! i miss you guys when i'm at conferences but that's usually where i learn about really *cool* things that you might enjoy and get a lot out the Book Pass activity that's so popular!

Last Thursday we had the county-wide professional development day and i learned lots there, too! Some of the coolest things i learned: (and yes, i'm SO adding these to the gadget page)

Spell with Flickr!

More cool Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers & Media Specialists!

so, anyway...if Ms. Jones isn't around and at a conference it's not like i'm playing golf and foolin around -- i'm learning cool new things to bring back to my customers....YOU!
now...who wants to blabberize next! ??? might do Murray and post him here! LOL
what should he say? as always, comments are desired!

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