Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dinosaurs Alive! Maryland Science Center

i was fortunate and honored to represent MHMS & Howard County Schools at a day-long exploration of dinosaurs last saturday, including presentations from two scientists, a paleontologist-guided tour through our Dinosaur Mysteries exhibit, demonstrations of activities for the classroom, and a screening of the IMAX film Dinosaurs Alive 3D at the Maryland Science Center. i greatly enjoyed the speakers Tom Holtz and Alan Turner who provided some enlightening information on dinosaurs, their evolution and variety, along with reports on current research. Tom is from the University of Maryland and Alan from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Tom advised the Maryland Science Center on the content for their dinosaur exhibit, which opened in 2004. He is also the author of the new book "The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaurs Lovers of All Ages" as well as a number of dinosaur books for children.
Alan is featured in the IMAX film Dinosaurs Alive 3D. As part of the production for the film, the science center followed Alan and his colleagues' expeditions in both New Mexico and Mongolia.

the Dinosuars Alive 3-D movie rocked!

i actually jumped a few times as dinosaurs came within inches of my face!!! (or it felt that way! i even did the silly thing where i just HAD to reach out and try and touch a dino!) the lunch that was provided was excellent, too!

the whole experience was WAY cool! you can check out my notes and links HERE on our WIKI for any fellow science enthusiasts, Media Specialists, or Science teachers...

Mr. Jim O'Leary of the Maryland Science Center who organized and coordinated this outstanding event!

To see ALL of the pictures i took at the Maryland Science Center please visit our MHMS Smugmug Digital Photo gallery!

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