Friday, September 28, 2007

Did You Know? The Future of Technology Today

parents, teachers & teens....did you know?

this flash video (click BELOW) is an awesome compilation of facts about the current and future tech situation in the world and how it effects our children.

i am proud to say that HCPSS is doing a LOT to prepare our students for the 21st century...they've spent millions of dollars in the last few years updating the computers in our schools, adding 2 mobile laptop labs, and streamlining the networking in all the schools...also, our students have access to a variety of online databases and research resources at school and at home. (passwords avail in the Media Center ) and access to United Streaming in the schools.

coming soon (things that i know the county is working on)
• 1 to 1 laptops for students to use at home and in school...
• a safe, school-based email system for students to use in and out of school
so...check it out....get excited, start the conversation about the future....'s worth the watch on TeacherTube

an excellent presentation from the excellent Fischbowl blog.
oh and did you know?.....

this fact ties in with our last blog post....scroll down to view....

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