Monday, August 27, 2007

So? What did you think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

miss jones here.....this is a snippet from my reading journal about reading the HP&theDH ..the LAST HP Book this summer:
"well, i'm 500+ pages into the book...i intentionally didn't start reading it till i got to the beach yesterday but now that i'm here at the beach and reading full time...on the balcony looking out over my beloved atlantic ocean

i'm not *racing* through it....i'm savouring it
it's the last one...i still can't get over that i'm a little annoyed right now with where the book is going (too much camping!) and the mistakes i see my characters making...the connections they don't get... but i suppose that's the same when reading any kind of mystery book...."don't do that!" i want to scream..."don't go in there!..look behind you!" and all that stuff....
anyway.....back to the balcony
update: monday, 5:31pm
just finished, took me about 24 hours to read with a little sleep and dinner in there.....yeah, i cried..what a wus! but it was great....yeah, human people make mistakes because they are umm essentially human! great book! lessons to be learned about bravery, loyalty, and love and yes, i'm going to re-read it starting now"
so....did YOU read it?? what did you think? were you happy with the outcome? what about the epilogue? your comments and thoughts are very much wanted! Oh! and btw, i bought 4 copies of the book AND the Book on CD for the media center!!!!

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