Monday, February 12, 2007

Audio Books To GO! Listen to a Good Book!

the MHMS Media Center has started a new Audio Books to Go project! Students can check out one of the MANY new audio books on CD that we've ordered and if they don't have a CD player of their own, can also check out a backpack containing a new CD player, headphones and batteries. So, come by the MHMS Media Center and get an Audio Book to Go! and listen to a good book! Audio book review podcasts, coming soon!

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Knocke said...

Awesome Idea Mrs. Jones!!!
so thats what you were doing with that CD player

By the way this is Chris Knocke from MHTV

see you tomorrow unless school is cancelled

mhmsmedia said...

thanks chris! i'm glad you like the idea (and clever of you to notice the CD player and the changes in the Media Center!) ...come on in after the MHTV show and check out an audio book, you could be the FIRST!
~ms. jones
ps. thanks for subscribing to our blog! and let's talk about producing another MHTV news capsule podcast!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks!
I can't come in during core+ because i have spanish then, but i could come in during RA or Lunch.

Anonymous said...

you know, a little while after the book fair we could do a follow up and include some book reviews(podcast or written)and other cool things!